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    Have a look at the range of artists we have had the pleasure of working with over the years! 

    We have experience working with a diverse range of singer/songwriters and musicians, spanning all genres from Pop, Classical, Rock, Blues, Rap, Metal, Punk, Electronic and many more. Take a look for yourself! 

Recent Artists

  • Live Streaming

    'You' by The Omaha Court

    We had a great time recording, mixing and co-producing this track with the boys from The Omaha Court.



    Director of Artisan Music, Patrick Carré, is an accomplished musician, songwriter, recording engineer and music producer.


    In our engineer spotlight, Pat discuss' his journey from being a fan of music to achieving a successful career in the industry...

  • Artiste of the Month

    This month we are crowning Colin Grogan as our March, Artiste of the Month. We had a chat with Colin about his time touring through Europe with his band Breathless and his musical journey since becoming a dad. Have a read!