Sound Engineering

With an intricate knowledge of audio behaviour, our sound engineers have a variety of miking techniques up their sleeves, to suit any recording situation. Their ability to manipulate the acoustics of the recording spaces and to ‘think-outside-the-box’, shows their versatility to produce the most accurate or creative recorded sound for your project.

Along with years of experience, their easy-going personalities help to capture the best possible performance from the novice and seasoned musicians alike.

Mixing & Mastering

Add energy and excitement to your track with professional mixing and mastering.

To make your tracks stand out above the rest, the right mix for your song is crucial to capture your listeners ears whilst hitting them in the heart. This can only be achieved with the right experience and equipment.

Our engineers have had more than 30 years in the industry, following sounds and mixing trends in just about every musical style. An intimate understanding of how to manipulate sound is what’s needed to achieve the best.


Music production is the artistic and technical process behind your music. No matter what musical style you’re into, our in-house producers are well versed in many musical genres and have the skills and know-how to take your music to the next level.

True producers must be well versed in musical, songwriting and instrumentation techniques and with over 30 years of experience, our producers strive to be at the cutting edge of music creation.

If you’re a songwriter or band looking to tailor your sound and add appeal, whilst providing focus and direction, your project is in good hands.