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    Online Mixing - Stereo | Dolby Atmos

The recorded music game has changed! From home producers to tracking your live gig through the FOH desk, the latest tech has made it easy, higher quality and more affordable! However, the statement still stands – ‘A great mix will make your music rise above the rest!’

Without the right experience, gear & studio acoustics, it’s hard to get the sound you want consistently across the many platforms music is delivered on today. Our Online Mixing Service means you can achieve your sound quickly and easily, without leaving your home – Money Back Guaranteed! 

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Stereo Mix

Get your music mixed to sound great anywhere it can be heard! Our experienced engineers, combined with world class gear and acoustically engineered  studios will help take your sound to the next level!

How it works

Guide Us

Fill out your details below, add links (Youtube, Spotify etc) for up to 2 example tracks – that show the target sound you’re going for; and any specific notes you’d like us to take into account when we mix your music. Be sure  to upload a demo of your music so we can get the vibe.

Purchase your Mix

After pressing SUBMIT, you’ll be taken to our store. Choose one of our mixing options; Tier A (1-6 audio files) or Tier B (7-50 audio files). If your music is longer than the 5 minute limit, you can add additional time from the pulldown menu. Fill out the cardholder details, then pay securely by credit card, ApplePay or Google Pay.

Upload Audio files and reference tracks

You’ll then be taken to our Upload page to upload your individual tracks as a zipped file. You’ll be contacted by one of our engineers within a couple of days with the scheduled mix date and any questions regarding the files.

See our Checklist Before UploadingBelow for our requirements.

Receive your mix within 7 business days

We’ll send an .mp3 of your mix for you to review within 7 business days from the scheduled date. You’ll have one included revision for you to use within two weeks of receiving the first mix file. Additional changes can be made at an additional cost.

At final delivery, we’ll send you a full resolution stereo mix, a limited reference mix, a karaoke mix (minus-1 – full mix minus the lead vocal), and an A-Capella Mix (lead vocal only) as .wav files. 

If you’re not happy with your online mix and don’t wish to proceed with the revision, we’ll offer you a full refund.


Our prices are based on 2 tiers – Tier A – 1-6 tracks (for simple acoustic eg: piano, guitar, vocals), Tier B – 7 to 50 tracks (for major productions). All songs are limited to 50 multitrack files with a total song length of up to 5 minutes.

  • If you have more than 50 tracks, we suggest creating stereo stems of similar instrument types (EG: guitars) panned where you’d like them. (*Note: split stereo files are counted as 2 tracks)
  • If your song is longer than 5 minutes, don’t worry, you can simply add up to 3 extra minutes in the drop-down menu in the product page. 
  • If your song is longer than that, don’t worry, simply contact us and we’d be happy to give you a quote to get it sounding great!

Yes, you can add a maximum of 2 links (i.e. YouTube, Spotify etc.) in the form below.

Our online pricing includes 1 revision for you to use within 2 weeks of receiving the first mix file. Further revisions can be purchased for AUD $66 per revision.

You should expect to receive your mix within 7 business days from the date your mix is scheduled to be done. Your engineer will contact you with a scheduled date after booking.

1 x full resolution unmastered Stereo Mix | basic mastered (Limited) Reference Mix | Karaoke Mix (Instrumental – no lead vox) | A Capella Mix – all @ 48kHz/24bit WAV & MP3

The compression and limiting we use for our reference mix is checked for consistency across major streaming platforms. In most cases, it’s ok.. just ok.. for release. We’ve found that getting your track mastered by a reputable mastering studio will make it sound even better!

After filling out the form below you will be redirected to the shop to purchase a package.

Checklist before uploading

  • All tracks (audio / virtual / midi) have been exported as audio (eg: .wav files) from the same starting point (eg: Bar 1, Beat 1, or Starting timecode).
  • Any tracks with creative effects specific to the production (eg: amp simulators, filter sweeps, Modulation FX, etc) have been bounced in place as part of the exported file.
  • All files have the same sample rate and bit depth.
  • All files are clearly labelled.
  • Please make sure you’re happy with the performances and the files have been recorded / exported at a good level
  • All files have been prepped and edited (EG: Tuning & Timing).
  • Each song is under 5 minutes and there are less than 50 multi-track files.
  • Read our Online Mixing Terms and Conditions

Dolby Atmos Mix

Dubbed “The new ‘stereo’”, a Dolby Atmos mix has reinvented how your music is experienced, allowing sounds and instruments to be placed not only in a left and right image; but above, below and behind the listener; and everywhere in between, for a more realistic and immersive audio experience. Also known as ‘Spatial Audio’ on Apple Music, your mix can be created with:


(Short Answer) – No! (Slightly longer answer) – Although Dolby Atmos can run on multiple speakers (like in movie theatres), you can still get the same experience with any pair of headphones. You still feel like you’re immersed in music with sounds coming all around. Pretty incredible, right?

Headphones such as Apple’s Airpods are designed to give you an even more immersive experience with dynamic head-tracking. If you can imagine that you’re immersed in sound all around you and you hear a guitar playing behind you, to your right; when you turn your head to the right, that guitar will be in front of you; and the rest of the band will ‘stay where they are’ – to your rear left! It’s a pretty cool experience!

We believe Dolby Atmos is here to stay, and so do streaming services such as Apple Music. At the moment they are favouring tracks that are mixed in the Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio format, which increases the chance of being featured on major playlists.

Dolby Atmos can currently be experienced on 3 major streaming platforms: Apple Music, TIDAL and Amazon Music. Spotify doesn’t currently support Dolby Atmos.

Although we can work with raw multi-track files, the cheapest easiest way is to send us the already mixed multitrack files from your stereo mix. These would normally include a combination of sub-grouped files (Stems) such as drums, block harmony backing vocals etc; and individual tracks, such as bass, or lead vocals. We can also mix with raw files, but the process will take considerably longer as we’ll be mixing the sound then placement and movement etc. 

So all up we’ll need:

  • The tempo in BPM
  • The Final stereo master for reference
  • Mixed subgroup stems at 48k 24bit (clearly labelled)
  • Mixed Audio files at 48k 24bit (clearly labelled)

Still not fully convinced? Hear it in action and switch between Dolby Atmos vs Stereo with the visualizer on Dolby’s Website.

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