This month we are celebrating Jonathan Doney and the release of his single 'Home', as our September, Artiste of the Month feature. We had a chat to discuss his creative process and inspirations as an artist...

How did you first get into music?

After I became a christian at the age of 12, I went to church regularly. I remember an unknown man came up to me and said that God had given me a gift and I just needed to open it. And that is where the journey began… opening the gift I found in time was using it.

I went on to learn piano for three years and decided to move to guitar at around the age of 15, as that felt more intimate to me. I remember the first song I wrote, titled ‘Brothers of Mine’. It was a song about my brothers leaving home, the feeling of being alone, but still feeling the connection in my heart and blood. It consoled me. From there, I went on to write many others. I felt music gave a voice to my soul, words to feelings, resolution to emotions, that kept me in chains. In my music I was free, and that freedom, that feeling of weightlessness, from all the worries and troubles in this life has always been my end goal in writing a song. Done in the hope that someone may feel that too, and find resolution and peace for themselves. 

How would you describe your sound?

My sound changes depending on the expression of my heart at the time. I can write any style if I join with another artist that has a different style from me, like a unicorn and a pegasus joined up.

What does your creative process entail?

I feel inspired when another artist shines their light. It empowers me to shine mine too. Sometimes, I will hear something another artist has done and think “hey I like that”. I might use it, but I’ll change it so it suits my style. I tend to write a combination of folk, ambient, and sometimes soul rock.

It took me along time to find my sound, sitting with myself an a guitar. Patrick at Artisan Music helped me to find it, to which I am forever grateful. His energy. He really listens. He works hard with patience and a golden ear. 

What influences your music?

My heart influences my music, I just write whatever is on my heart at the time. 

How did you find Artisan Music?

Punch Bug was recording their album there. Being a fan, I tagged along, and was blown away by him, his set up and what he could do. I knew from here on out, I would only be recording with him. 

How was your time working in the studio?

Wonderful! I couldn’t of asked for anything better.

Check out Jonathan Doney’s ‘Home’, recorded, mixed, mastered & co-produced by Patrick Carre at Artisan Music Studios!