In this latest 'Know How' article, we deconstruct Marc Bang's single, 'Cavern Girl' in order to demonstrate the process of mixing a hit song...

The process of making a song is complex, so we wanted to provide a resource for our clients to learn the process of mixing. This will be priceless knowledge, for clients heading into the studio to embark on a recording project. Learn what the process involves so you can get as much out of it as possible!

Track Mixing:

After the recording process the tracks need to be prepared for mixing. This is a crucial and main step in the process. This involves fixing any timing issues, vocal tuning, aligning backing vocals etc. It’s all in the prep work as Pat likes to say… It’s like painting a house, you have to tape, sugar soap and prime the walls before the paint actually goes on. Preparing your recorded files allows the mix engineer to be creative rather than wasn’t time finding files and messing around with an unorganised project.

The files below are stems of each instrument, RAW and unprocessed.

Unmixed Vocals:

Unmixed Guitars:

Unmixed Drums:

All Tracks Unmixed

Mixed files:

In the example below, the mixed files have been stereo panned, equalised and compressed to sit nicely within the audio spectrum. They may sound a little thin by themselves but once they are put together it sounds great!

Mixed Vocals:

Mixed Guitars:

Mixed Drums:

All Tracks Mixed:

The Master:

All Tracks Mastered:

The Final Product: