The process of taking your music into the studio to be professionally recorded, may seem daunting to most. Especially for those who haven’t been in a recording environment before. Even experienced musicians may worry about the costs, the capabilities of the studio/equipment and having the right engineer to achieve their desired sound.

We are well aware of these concerns and as a result, wanted to provide our clients with the ability to come in (or connect via Zoom) for a FREE pre-production meeting. During these meetings, clients can come into the studio and have a chat with our engineers, before booking a recording session. We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the advantages to booking a pre-production meeting before heading straight into the studio….


During pre-production meetings, our sound engineers will take you through the studio. Here they will discuss the capabilities of our two rooms, the RHODIUM and PLATINUM studio. You will also get the opportunity to play around with our range of equipment and gear, giving you the option to record with new sounds. During the tour of the studio, the engineers will suggests which studio room would work best for you and your project, as well as the required equipment and gear that will be needed.


There is often a lot of pressure to hire a sound engineer who is on the same wave-length as you. With our FREE pre-production meetings, clients have the opportunity to meet with our engineers before heading straight into the recording process. This is invaluable time to foster a great relationship with the engineer/s and discuss your desired sound, direction and musical influences etc. During these chats, our sound engineers have the opportunity to show you their previous work, so you can get a better idea of their skill level, recording styles and the general sound quality produced. We know how much of a difference it makes, having a healthy relationship with your sound engineer. These pre-production meetings are our way of nurturing solid, friendly and professional relationships with our clients, so they can get the most out of their time at Artisan. 


The biggest advantage to these meetings is the opportunity you get with the engineers to discuss the scope of your project. Here, clients can elaborate on the details of their project. For example: How many tracks will we be recording? Which instruments will feature on the track/s? Do we want different instruments? Do we need session musicians? What does the recording process entail? What does the mixing process involve? etc.

After talking, the engineers will suggest the best way to technically tackle the project, whilst also considering the cheapest way to achieve the desired end goal. We often suggest purchasing our DISCOUNT BLOCKS, which gives clients the freedom to tailor their studio time, to their specific needs. To read more about our discount blocks, head HERE. These discussions give you the opportunity to get the engineer on board with your vision, plan out the best way to approach the project and suggest ways to tackle the project, on a budget.

How to prep for a pre-production meeting:

In order to get the most out of your pre-production meeting, we ask that clients brings as much documentation of their music as possible. This includes… phone recordings, home-recordings, journals with lyrics and ideas, demos, and previous tracks you have written or recorded etc. All of this, will help the engineers get a better idea of your unique style, influence and vision for the project. We have previously used clients home-recordings within the final mix, in order to save money on re-recording. Who knows what might result from bringing documentation to the pre-production meeting, however we can guarantee it will help us, help you!

To book a FREE pre-production meeting…

Email Naomi at,

Or call us on, (08) 6154 0831