Changes in 2022

Some changes are happening to Artisan Music in 2022 and we wanted to let you know.


Our prices will be increasing this year due to running costs…

Piano Services

Piano Tuning – $240.00

Piano Repair – Repair *Price as Advised* + $140 call out

Piano Valuation/Assessment – $140.00

Piano Action Reface and Regulation – $600.00

Studio Services

Platinum Studio

Full Day (8hrs) – $880.00

Half Day (4hrs) – $440.00

Quarter Day (2hrs) – $220.00

Rhodium Studio

Full Day (8hrs) – $704.00

Half Day (4hrs) – $352.00

Quarter Day (2hrs) – $154.00

Discount Blocks

As a peace offering we are holding back on the price increase for our Rhodium Room Discount Blocks until March…

10 Hours in the Rhodium Studio $770.00 $660.00

20 Hours in the Rhodium Studio $1,320.00 $1,100.00

The beauty of these discounted blocks is that they can be used whenever and for whatever service (recording, mixing and production). Our main priority with this offer, other than creating a discounted price, was to give our clients as much freedom with booking.

This offer is great for professional musicians and bands looking to self-produce an album or EP, producers needing recording space, vocalists who need vocal tracking to their backing track, singer/songwriters wanting to get their songs down in a good quality format, and new-artists wishing to record their first song. We wanted to create an offer where the artist can tailor their studio time, to their needs. Often, we see artists spending over thousands of dollars, buying many hours of studio time, progressively, on each project. With the ‘Discount Blocks’ you can buy bulk hours, at a cheaper price, and you don’t have the time restrictions or scheduling conflicts to deal with.

If you’re itching to get back into the studio or start your musical journey, whether that be now or later in the year… Make sure to take advantage of this offer and buy our Discount Blocks to receive a 25% discount off our standard sessions!

Our ‘Discount Blocks’ of either 10 or 20 hours, can be purchased ONLINE HERE!

Exciting Prospects

Later this year we are looking towards introducing a range of new studio services… One of these include a new online mixing services. This means you can have your tracks mixed by our talented engineers, from the comfort of your bedroom! The future is HERE! Stay up-to-date with whats happening in the studio for more information.

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