Nikki Dagostino

Piano Accordion - All styles & genres

Piano Accordion, Piano & Synthesizers

Can read music, charts and improvise. 

Nikki Dagostino is widely recognised as one of Australia’s most entertaining female Accordionists. Keeping the rare art alive and educating souls with the world sounds of the Piano Accordion.

From a young age Nikki Dagostino developed a deep passion for music with a strong love for performing and teaching music. Born in Perth, Western Australia amongst Italian Heritage, she began studying Classical piano at age 9 and discovered the unique sound of the piano accordion at age eleven.
Graduating at Edith Cowan University, the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts!(WAAPA) and completing a Bachelor of Education; majoring in Music and Drama from (2002- 2005), she also received a scholarship for the Golden Key International Honour Society Award, in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence in educational studies.
Nikki quickly became sort after for studio session work for original composing Artists and many various live performances in Western Australia. She has toured throughout Western Australia and the Eastern States earning high praise and phenomenal feedback for her professionalism, dedication to multicultural music and her delivery of entertainment to both young and older audiences.

Nikki currently performs as an Accordionist alongside some of Perth’s most impressive and exclusive ensembles- including Music acts, Circus Acts, Theatre shows and more. She enjoys the pleasure of taking her audience on a trip around the globe by introducing them to authentic world sounds accompanying talented artists.
Nikki has also experienced live television exposure appearing annually on Telethon (Channel Seven Perth), various TV commercials for advertisement campaigns as an actress, local television and monthly airtime on Radio featuring interviews and many live performances in studio for (ABC, RTR FM, 6EBA World Radio and more) as well as a variety of appearances in newspapers: The Australian, West Australian, Sunday Times, Social Pages, magazines and TV Commercials naming the Winter Arts advertisements for Perth.
Nikki also had the pleasure of being the sole music accompanist on the piano accordion for Spanish touring Group Voalá a professional aerial and circus group to officially conclude the annual Enlighten Festival in Canberra ACT on the mainstage. A huge hit in Australia which included commonly spanish / flamenco and tango repertoire.

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