Joel Shinkfield

Drums - Alt Rock, Folk, Instrumental, Pop

Drums, Bass, Guitar and Vocals

Can read music and has the ability to improvise. 

Joel has played drums in bands and performance groups, for the love of the music for more than 30 years. Considering himself more of a ‘feel’-based, rather than ‘technical’ player, Joel’s capacity to handle a wide range of styles and performance situations has given him a variety of experience to draw from in the creation of great music! He has performed and recorded in many genres, from alt rock, to Irish reels, soft instrumental and percussive work, to folk, jazz and pop.

When in the studio, his focus is always on the music as a whole piece and enjoys the creative process of collaborating with other artists to bring to life what they are wanting to hear.

Joel also has many years of performance experience playing guitar, bass and vocals and is more than willing to lend them to the creative processes as needed.

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