Jonathan Doney

Guitar and Vocals - Folk, Pop & Rock


Can improvise. 

I write my own style of songs, with passion and heartfelt melody. I find joy in collaborating with artists to create something both of us are proud of.
Though I don’t have any qualifications, I have personal achievements such as being supported by Rick Steele. I have also released a single on Spotify and iTunes, that I recorded with Patrick Carré at Artisan Music Studios, called ‘Home’. 
As a songwriter, my music influences are : Mutemath, Novo Amor, Pearl Jam, Paul Kelly, Neil Young, Cory Asbury, Foo Fighters, The Weekend, Phil Keaggy, Tracy Chapman, Jewel, Live, Bush, S.O., Soundgarden, Def Leppard, Small Town Poets, Amanda Marshall, Deborah Conaway, and a thousand more.
I would love to work with as many artists and on as many projects as I can. I can contribute what I hear… That usually being melodies and musical garnishes that adds that missing zest. 

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